Learn 2 Swim

Yeppoon Aquatic CentreLearn 2 Swim - Yeppoon Aquatic CentreOur magnificent weather through all seasons lends itself to an outdoors lifestyle so we encourage all parents to enrol their children in our Learn 2 Swim classes.  These classes teach water familiarisation, confidence, development of all four strokes and water safety skills.  Lessons are held in our heated pool and are half an hour in duration.  During summer some classes are conducted in the Olympic pool to familiarize the children with different pool conditions.

  1. Parent In – Babies & Infants (4 months to 3 years) - Maximum of 7 per class
  2. Water Confidence(3 years up) -Maximum of 4 per class
  3. Torpedo - Maximum of 4 per class
  4. Arms - Maximum of 4 per class
  5. Breathing - Maximum of 5 per class
  6. Laps - Maximum of 7 per class

At our swim school your child will be placed in a class with children of similar ability and age.  Our classes are structured to ensure your child advances as quickly as possible.  Your child will be treated with care and respect and will love coming to classes.

As well as the year round Learn to Swim, we also offer Holiday Intensive Lessons which are a fast track programme we run each QLD school holidays (except Easter). These lessons are so beneficial to children who may not have access to regular lessons and are on holidays at the Coast.

It is important that your children attend every lesson.  Consistent attendance to classes allows your child to develop a routine and improve their confidence and independence in an aquatic environment.

Children learn in many different ways, most importantly through role modelling, repetition, consistency, encouragement and play.  Keep up a regular attendance and you will see them benefit.

Swimmers have just graduated from the ‘Laps’ level. Seals is our mini squad and runs for 40 mins all year round. In the warmer months sessions are held in the Olympic Pool. Sessions held in heated pool in cooler months. Sessions recommended : 1 to 2 per week.

Dolphin squad is our ‘Junior’ squad. This squad is designed to develop the strengths of our junior swimmers. Targeting stroke development and skills. This is a stepping stone to senior squad. These sessions run for 1 hr all year round. Sessions recommended : 2 or more per week.

Stingray squad is our ‘Senior’ squad and is designed for high school students (and older) and competitive swimmers. Sessions run for 1 to 1 and a half hours all year round. Dolphin and Stingray squads are also held most mornings. Contact pool for morning session times. Sessions recommended : 3 or more per week.

Tri Squad
Tri Squad is preparing kids to compete competitively in the sport of Triathlon. Minimum amount of own equipment required. Children are expected to swim in senior squads. Sessions run for 1hr all year round. Sessions required to attend : 2 Senior swim squads and 1 tri squad session.

Enrolment Conditions

On enrolment, a $30 fee is required to ensure your position. Once your child has been placed in the swim school, full term payment is required prior to their commencement. If you are unable to attend your lesson you must ring and cancel prior to your lesson. This entitles you to a make-up lesson, in that term. If you do not ring and cancel your lesson unfortunately no make-up lesson can be provided.